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ICT4 Sustainable Development Center

Case Study: ICT4 Sustainable Development Center in the Mambanda community of Bonaberi Douala

Start date: 05-02-12

Potential Funder: Rhodes Scholars Southern Africa Forum is giving grants of between 500-1500 pounds sterling to projects in Sub-saharan Africa, working towards Economic, Political and Social Development

Community Information: One is tempted to consider Mambanda a rural area, though a community in Douala-the second major city in Cameroon.

Mambanda is one of the communities in Bonaberi Douala with a population of about 700.000 inhabitants. It is a predominately anglophone community and it’s referred to as the ‘anglophone zone’ in Douala

Douala being a francophone city, places Mambanda in the catergory of marginalized communities. This is evident in the fact that Mambanda is somewhat excluded  from the Political, Economic and Social welfare of the City: poor roads, poor water supply, marshy/swampy areas etc..

Background: ICT is not the cure-all to the world’s problems. But it can be a powerful tool to facilitate and enable affordable solutions to developmental issues. (Dr. Raj Reddy)

We propose to empower the young people of Mambanda to enhance sustainable community development through ICT. Through ICT, we shall achieve

Economic development

  • Job creation
  • Improve your business
  • Low-cost access to goods and service


  • Improve literacy
  1. Life long learning
  2. Access to any information(books, magazines…) at anytime
  3. Distance Learning


  • Access to healthcare-link to doctors and treatment via telemedicine

Project Goal: To enhance Sustainable Development in the Mambanda Community through ICT

Specific Objectives

  1. To equip 20 young people of the Mambanda community every two months with ICT skills and how they can use it to enhance development in their community
  2. To improve access to computers and information via the world wide web.
  3. To bridge the digital divide between the Mambanda community and other communities of Douala by 25% yearly

Strategies and Activities

–   S2SYI shall set up a community based ICT center at the Mambanda community, and in collaboration with relevant organizations and agencies across the public, private, and civil society sectors, we shall equip youths between 15-30 of the Mambanda community with ICT skills, and how to use these skills to enhance sustainable development in their community

–       We shall organize workshops every 2 months

–       We shall in partnership with Help International (Buea) provide computers to the community at very low and affordable prices.

–       We shall provide low cost internet access exclusively to the population of Mambanda

Associate partners:

Douala IV Municipal Council

Help International Buea (HINT)

Youth Business Cameroon

Binary Integrated Solutions


                              Youth Empowerment Seminar

Date: 09-04-2011

Venue: Douala IV Municipal Council Premises

Topics to be covered:

  • The role of the National Employment Fund
  • The role of young people in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Enhancing your prospects for Employment
  • Purpose and Destiny
Partners: Douala IV Municipal Council, National Employment Fund (NEF)



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