Even with the coming of the information age; with a high demand for ICT, a great deal of young people are left out because they cannot afford ICT training or a computer.

In some parts of Cameroon, some youths do not have access to the internet and are thus cut off from the rest of the world, information and opportunities. Still some others have never even touched a computer, not to mention use it.

ICT skills have become indispensable in this age, as they are employed in all works of life. Without these skills, one becomes  irrelevant and incompetent in the 21st century in which we are.

Empowering young people with ICT skills is a sure way to enhance development in any community. ICT would also enhance other areas of development like Education (acess to information via internet), Health (access to healthcare) and Economic development (enhance employment prospects)

Our work

Community based ICT training centers

We equip young people of 18-30, of the grassroot with basic ICT skills and the internet to enable them

  • Work as secretaries in companies and organizations
  • Start up documentation centers of their own
  • Be competent and competitive in todays marketplace
  • Be connected to information and opportunities via the internet

Internet Cyber cafes

In the grassroot areas where we carry out ICT training, we establish internet cyber cafes. With these cyber cafes, we provide access to the the internet at affordable rates to young people and the community at large. The proceeds from the cyber cafe go towards running the center. Click here for more info on this project


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