Only through decent employment opportunities can young peopleget the chance to work themselves out of poverty. Focusing on youth is a must for any country.”                                                                                                    — Juan Somavia Director-General, International Labour Organization

Poverty is the mother of all other global issues; for instance, research has proven that youths engage in bad behavioural practices (the major cause of high HIV/AIDS prevalence amongst youths) in a bid to get a livelihood.

From 2001 till 2009, the unemployment rate in Cameroon has stood at 30%(CIA World Factbook) with highest prevalence recorded among the active population of 18-30. Every year, thousands of graduates are released into the job market, and at the same time, employers cite lack of skills as a major impediment to hiring youths for those jobs that do exist. Most of these young people look up to the government for remedy and because the government. This programme has been fashioned to bridge the skill gap thus enhancing the employability of young people

We carry youth employability projects  which are geared exploring wealth creatin opportunities for young people. The programme is carried out in three phases

Youth empowerment seminars

Train the trainer

Solution within you




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