Saved2Save Youth Initiative was created in February 2011. It is the brain-child of Marvin Acha, a young and emerging social Entrepreneur. This Initiative was formed as a result of his passion to see young Cameroonians fulfill their dream despite the limitations they may seem to have.  Such limitation include: Finances, the right education etc.

S2SYI works to empower young people with the skills,  knowledge and resources they need to solve their own problems, and as a result, improve on their socio-economic well-being and that of their communities.

We employ a participatory development approach-an approach whereby young people take responsibility to solve their own problems. We are simply equippers!  It is our belief that young people are best suited to solve their own problems.

It is also our belief that, if a young person is Educated, Healthy, Employed and Engaged he/she can face the issues of life. In this light, we work in four thematic areas: Economic Development, Education, ICT and Civic Engagement.

Our Vision

A world in which every young Cameroonianis prepared to succeed, engaged in decent work, and actively pursuing their dreams.


To fulfil our vision,

  • To equip youths with the knowledge to address the issues that affect them
  • To empower youths to be change agents in their communities
  • To educate youths on the MDGs and promote active youth participation in accomplishing the MDGs
  • To promote civic engagement and youth participation in nation building
  • To create more opportunities for young people to fulfill their dreams

Core Values

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Engagement
  • Discipline
  • Justice

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