Message from Founder/Executive Director

Saved2Save Youth Initiative was created in February 2011. This Initiative was formed as a result of my passion to see young Cameroonians fulfill their dream despite the limitations they may seem to have.  Such limitations include: Finances, the right education etc.

Einstein said that a man can only solve the problems at particular level when he goes a step higher than the level where the problems exist. I being a Cameroonian youth, made a difference as I decided to think out of the box-differently from the way most young Cameroonians do.

A different way of thinking has taken me a step higher so I can help young people address the issues at the level most of them find themselves in.Saviours are always taken from among a people to save the people.

I am committed to bringing together resources ranging from human to financial, to channnel them towards improving the well-being of young people

There are so many delinquent youths out there, many others unemployed, others dying of HIV/AIDS, still others with great ideas and dreams, but with no hope of fulfilling them because of limited resources. What happens to such? What have you done, or are doing to impact the live of a young person? We can’t be indifferent to the plight of the young people. Yes! the Government has a role to play, but the Government  just can’t do it all. So many actors need to be involved. Your little input could go a long to bring a lasting solution to the plight of the youths.

I know there are so many of you out there who have a passion for youth development, and have the right resources to advance this cause, but don’t know how to go about it. If you are such, then your dream can become a reality.

Partner with us as we engage in this mission to transform the lives of young Cameroonians. You can commit your services your finances, or even your time.

Till we fulfill this mission, our hearts will continue to burn.
Thank you!

Executive Director

Marvin Acha


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